Increase Your Lifespan And Longevity Easily

The inhabitants of America in 1900 had a lifespan of 49 years but had improved over the past century to around 76 years, this due to the enhancements in delivering health services, nutrition and the general standards of existence to the majority of people. Besides, projections on demography recommend that longevity for women and men who are sustaining the healthiest standard of living guides will still increase.

A recent analysis of demographic studies verified that disability within America’s elders has turned down gradually over the past decade More American elders are able to join in “instrumental activities of daily living”, like doing household chores and taking their own medication, while some are practicing limitations in essential physical tasks like walking or going up the stairs.

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Feel rejuvenated with these simple techniques

Insomnia is simply staying asleep long enough to feel rejuvenated and function efficiently the next day. It can happen to people of all ages and both genders, although it seems to be higher in women than men.

Further symptoms include waking up frequently or after a little sleep and then inability to fall sleep again. Normal sleep requirements vary according to the age group, but an adult needs seven to nine hours of sleep a day.

Types of Insomnia

Many people experience some insomnia, usually lasting for short durations of a few days to a month – this is transient or acute type. Other people suffer long-term insomnia lasting several months or years – chronic insomnia. Chronic insomnia is the most serious sleep disorder among other types of insomnia.

Causes & Treatments of Chronic Insomnia


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Habits For A Longer Life

Longer Life is possible, you really can do it. Simply change a few thing and you’re on your way to a longer life. Your body has within itself the ability to rejuvenate and repair dying cells, you just need the right ingredients and your body will do the rest.

Most by now have heard stories about races of long lived people that live to be well over 100 years, that live in places like Okinawa, Japan, the Symians in Greece, or the Hunzakuts in Pakistan.
Long Life is possible so let us make a choice and forget about the bad habits that we have developed over time that are limiting us from longer life, push on and develop new ones.

Eat five small meals a day.

Try eating five or six small meals a day, rather than three big ones.
Why? It gives you energy and keeps your metabolism burning calories...

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How to boost immune system

The immune system is the protector device of our body. It helps in preventing our body from falling ill by destroying hazardous microorganisms. It is just like a dominant force of a country to defeat its. Our immune system successfully carries its task only if it is strong enough to do so. A poor immune system cannot combat the infections in an efficient manner. In simple words, we can say to be healthy; it is necessary to have a strong immune system. Here are different ways that can help in empowering the immune system.

Pick the right food – Different types of the essential nutrients like vitamins A, vitamin C and E as well as some minerals like zinc, plays a major role in boosting the immune system...

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